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Gender Equality In Insurance Makes First Ever Stop In Indonesia

Dive In Festival 2019 takes place in over 30 countries worldwide

Jakarta - The Dive In Festival, which promotes diversity and inclusion in the global insurance sector, marked a milestone as it reached its fifth year, with a record number of countries holding events. In Indonesia, the first ever event was held and focused on gender equality in the insurance industry. Jakarta joined 60 other cities around the world in hosting The Dive In Festival.

AIG Indonesia and PwC Indonesia were the local sponsors for the Dive In Festival event that being held on on 25 September 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia - with the theme “Promoting Gender Equality in Insurance”. The event explored what the Indonesia insurance industry can do more to enhance the opportunities available to women. Speakers were leaders from leading insurance and financial companies in Indonesia. They shared their insights and experience on what more the industry can do to nurture and promote female workers. They were This event attended by over 100 industry professionals.

“In AIG, we believe in equality in all aspects. It’s an honor to support the Dive In festival in Indonesia to promote gender equality in the insurance industry. The diversity of our workforce is one of AIG’s greatest assets, and we continue to actively cultivate a culture of inclusion at all levels,” said Robert Logie, President Director and CEO of AIG Indonesia.