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Professional Indemnity

An individual approach to protecting your practice’s financial security

Regulation – Legal Requirement

Traditional professions like Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers and Insurance Brokers are highly regulated by local authorities and in many cases these professions are legally required to have professional liability insurance in place.

Contractual Obligations

As a consequence of globalization, service providers in Southeast Asia & China are increasingly finding professional liability insurance as one of the pre-requisite requirements when tendering for business with overseas companies, especially where contracts are awarded by clients based in the US, Europe, UK and Australasia. This is driven by the litigious environment that exists in such territories.

Financial Protection

A single claim can ruin a business financially since litigation can be expensive, time-consuming and resource hungry. You may face litigation even if you have done nothing wrong, AIG Professional Liability insurance will provide protection for you when faced with such claims.

Reputation Protection

If you are a professional, your reputation is everything and maintaining this reputation is critical. If a claim does arise, our claims experts will provide assistance in the management of a positive relationship between you and your client so as to mitigate the damage to your reputation.

Who is it for ?

As noted, AIG offers solutions designed around professional classes and business size:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Architects, Engineers and Project Companies
  • Law firms
  • Brokers and insurance agents
  • Individual professionals (lawyers, accountants, consultants)
  • Management or marketing consulting firms
  •  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies including Call centers
  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Media and Communications companies (publishing, advertising, television, radio)
  • Telecommunications companies
  • General services companies

What is covered ?

Cover is given for unlawful acts, real or alleged, committed in the exercise of their profession, including:

  • Negligence, errors/ omissions that generate property damage, giving rise to claims for third party damage
  • Third-party business interruption (e.g. interruption of services and consequent property damage to third parties.)
  • Libel and slander
  • Infringement of intellectual property, copy-right and trademarks (excluding patents)
  • Consequences arising from loss, destruction or deterioration of documents
  • Automatic cover for new subsidiaries (up to 20% of the total gross revenue of the insured)
  • Attendance expenses pursuant to an inquiry


  • Pure contractual risk (contractual penalties or sanctions, fines, penalties inflicted directly to the Insured)
  • Personal injury and damage to objects
  • Claims and/ or existing events
  • Intentional acts of the insured
  • Companies subsidiary/ associate (claims between companies of the same group)
  • Public bodies/ regulatory authorities
  • Insolvency
  • False or misleading advertising
  • Patent rights
  • Guarantees of future values and income

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