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Operating in Indonesia since 1970, we combine international experience with local expertise. Our worldwide perspective offers the benefits of global experience and anticipation of emerging risks while our local presence provides you with access to professionals who understand your unique market needs.

AIG Indonesia has expanded its presence in Indonesia providing distinctive insurance products, services and innovative risk management solutions. With in-depth local expertise in the Indonesian market and extensive global network, AIG Indonesia provides policies for property, marine and commercial/financial liability coverage for our customers.

AIG Indonesia (formerly: American International Underwriters Limited) is licensed to operate based on the Indonesian Ministry of Finance Decree No: Sekr/0290/IV/70 dated 1 April 1970.

PT AIG Insurance Indonesia is licensed to operate in the general insurance category based on the Indonesian Ministry of Finance Decree No: KEP-257A/KM.13/1991 dated 31 Aug 1991, the license was being updated in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance Decree No. KEP-760/KM.10/2012 dated 27 December 2012.

Board of Commissioners

President of Commissioner     :    Scott Matthew Spaven

Independent Commissioner   :    Natalia PP Soebagjo

Independent Commissioner   :    Franciskus Antonius Alijoyo

Annual Report

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Board of Directors

President Director          :    Robert E Logie

Director                          :   Gevi Q Wulandari

Director                          :    Michael John Morris

Organizational Structure

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We’re the world’s leading insurance organization, with more than 90 million customers around the globe.

We’re a network in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions who come together every day to take on the world’s new challenges. We believe that by striving to provide the greatest value to our customers, we can deliver improved operating and financial performance and sustainable, profitable growth.


AIG Indonesia launched Flood Risk Reduction Education program since 2010, which has been consistently providing education to public on how to prevent and response to flood.

Further information:

About FRRE
FRRE Learning Module
FRRE Interactive Video
Tips: Flood Preparedness


AIG employees are passionate about supporting their communities and give generously of their time, talents, and expertise to important causes both in Indonesia and around the world.

AIG’s Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Program supports activities that enhance and serve communities where our employees work, live, and serve our customers. Employees have the opportunity to dedicate two paid days per year to volunteer with qualified charitable organizations and schools to benefit the community at large.

  • Year 2020
    • Top GRC Awards 2020 for Category 4 (Four) Stars  by Top Business Magazine based on outstanding capability in embracing the challenges of integrating Good Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance.
    • Insurance Awards 2020 as Best General Insurance for category General Insurance equity IDR 300 – 500 bilion 
  • Year 2019
    • The Best Performing General Insurance 2019 by Top 20 Financial Institutions Awards based on financial performance 2017 – 2019 category gross premium IDR 250 bilion to IDR 1 trilion.
    • Gold Awards on HR Excellence Awards 2019 for category Excellence for working life balance.
    • Best General Insurance Awards 2019 for category general insurance with equity IDR 300 billion – IDR 500 billion.
    • The 20th Insurance Awards 2019 (Infobank) with “Excellent” rating for category gross premium IDR 500 billion to IDR 1 trillion.
    • Bisnis Indonesia Financial Awards 2019 as Best General Insurance Performance for category gross premium IDR 500 billion to IDR 1.5 trilion.
    • Indonesia Best Insurance Awards 2019 (Warta Ekonomi) as Top 5 Financial Performance for insurance company with assets between IDR 1 – 2 trilion
  • Year 2018
    • Best Insurance Awards 2018 for the general insurance company with equity between IDR 250 billion to IDR 500 billion.
    • Infobank Best Insurance Awards 2018 with “Very Good” rating for general insurance with gross premium IDR 250 bilion to IDR 1 trilion.
    • Bisnis Indonesia Finance Awards 2018 Best General Insurance for gross premium IDR 450 bilion – IDR 1 trilion.
    • The Finance Top 20 Financial Institutions Award 2018 as Top 20 General Insurance with gross premium above IDR 250 billion to IDR 1 Trillion.