Financial Statement

Operating in Indonesia since 1970, we combine international experience with local expertise. With our global insight that can offer the benefits of a global experience and anticipation of the risks that may occur, our local team gives you access to a team of professionals who understand the unique needs of your market.

AIG Indonesia has grown its business and provides a variety of insurance products, services and innovative risk management solutions. AIG Indonesia provides policies for protection of property, marine and commercial / financial liability for our customers.

AIG Indonesia (formerly: American International Underwriters Limited) has a business license to operate based on the Decree of the Director General of Finance Number: Sekr / 0290 / IV / 70 dated April 1, 1970.

PT AIG Insurance Indonesia has a business license in the loss insurance sector based on the Decree of the Minister of Finance Number: KEP-257 A / KM.13 / 1991 dated August 31, 1991, the license was last renewed based on the letter of the Minister of Finance Number: KEP-760 / KM .10/2012 dated 27 December 2012.

Board of Commissioners

President Commissioner: Scott Matthew Spaven

Independent Commissioner: Natalia PP Soebagjo

Independent Commissioner: Franciskus Antonius Alijoyo

Annual report

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Board of Directors

President Director: Robert E Logie

Director: Gevi Q Wulandari

Director: Michael John Morris

Organizational structure

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Financial Statement