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Property Insurance

AIG provides global commercial property insurance solutions and deep industry knowledge.

Expert Loss Control Engineering

Our specialist team of loss control engineers helps to identify and reduce potential exposures, reducing the chance of loss and mitigating the impact of unexpected events.

Reducing Flow Effects

Damage to your commercial property can threaten the whole business, when the cash flow is also halted. We can help with policies that cover not only the damage loss, but also the income and other expenses for the period.

Extensive, Tailor-Made Cover

Our most extensive protection insurance for your property, which provides cover in the event of financial losses arising due to an incident at the insured facilities. Importantly, the policy covers damage from any cause that has not been expressly excluded from the policy at the time of arranging cover.

Our Strengths at Your Disposal

We are specialised in providing solutions for medium to large trades and services companies, operating locally and internationally. AIG’s global presence means we can offer programs tailored to specific customer needs anywhere in the world, together with logistical support and local market knowledge.

Who is it for ?

This protection is offered to global businesses operating in various industries as certain commercial properties face mounting exposures from events such as fire, flood or even terrorism. These businesses need additional capacity to protect high-value properties from a variety of natural or man-made threats.

Who is covered ?

  • Comprehensive property damage and business interruption coverage.
  • Natural catastrophe capacity, including earthquake, flood and windstorm.
  • Extension to cover clients’ business interruption due to a loss at the premises of customers or suppliers (CBI).
  • Extension to include equipment breakdown coverage.

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