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Micro Insurance - Affordable Protection for Low-Income People

Date Published 10.08.2013
Topic Press Releases

Micro Insurance - Affordable Protection for Low-Income People


Jakarta, October 8th, 2013 – Indonesia is booming and some estimates say that 100 million people will join in the middle class in the coming years. But the struggle up the first steps to economic prosperity is a hard one and one slip can see people’s dreams shatter and their progress wiped out.  

To answer their needs, PT AIG Insurance Indonesia (AIG Indonesia) has offered micro insurance since 2007, protection that provides unique solutions for lowincome people facing unexpected events such as sickness and accident. 

 “We are pleased to offer this affordable protection, that needed by over 28 million low-income people. Micro insurance is not just credit life, but it should provide comprehensive financial solution. This is what we have with AIG micro insurance. The customer will receive a cash benefit that can support the family financial and give peace of mind for them, following hospitalization,” said Mr Mike Blakeway, CEO of AIG Indonesia.  

“AIG is established in more 130 countries and territories, and has been in Indonesia since 1970. We are proud that we have strong relationship and continues support from our partners – such as MICRA and Bungkesmas - that share the same vision and mission to simply serve Indonesia,” Mr Blakeway adds.

AIG micro insurance is offered with a premium starting from as lowest as IDR 100,000/year or equal to IDR 8,500/month. The products have comprehensive benefits such as hospitalization up to IDR 100,000/day (max 90 days), surgery up to IDR 1,000,000/year and also a death benefit due to accident or sickness.  

 “It is our responsibility to communicate these protection solutions to customers and AIG Indonesia is welcoming every partner, including the media, to be involved in sharing this information and reach out to those who need it the most,” said Mr Philippe Danielski, Head of Consumer, AIG Indonesia.


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