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High School Students Establish Eco-friendly Business in Schools

Date Published 05.28.2019
Topic Press Releases

High School Students Establish Eco-friendly Business in Schools

Jakarta, 28 May 2019 Students from three schools (high school and vocational schools) in Jakarta introduce their eco-friendly micro businesses products in Student Company Launching event, organized by PT AIG Insurance Indonesia (AIG Indonesia) and Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) at SMKN 38 Jakarta, on Tuesday (28/5). This activity is part of the JA Student Company program that initiated to encourage business potential of Indonesia’s young generation and prepare them to achieve success through entrepreneurship. The three schools are SMAN 35 Jakarta, SMKN 27 Jakarta, and SMKN 38 Jakarta.


Director of AIG Indonesia, Gevi Achdiat said, "This year marks the second year of partnership between AIG Indonesia and PJI for the JA Student Company program. We are very proud to see the progress of entrepreneurial capabilities building, innovation and creative business ideas from  the  students. One thing that really stands out is their concern for the environment and  surrounding communities. This is the main provision in facing the future and building a sustainable business. "


One of the key element and support system extended to ensure the students are well equipped with relevant knowledge and skills are  through professional coaching delivered by AIG Indonesia managers and employees.  The team from  AIG Indonesia have dedicated their time and energy   to participate in AIG volunteering activities and invested  for more than 150 work hours   in April,.  They helped  students to  understand more about building a business and organizing a team," added Gevi Achdiat.


Through this entrepreneurship program, students are  trained to become real entrepreneurs by running a micro-entreprise out of their own school. They are to  generate product idea, plan business strategies, launch the company, promote and sell product,  track and monitor how income generated, expense incurred, make profit   and deal with simple public offering for      the company shares. For eight months period , the students  receive intensive business mentoring and coaching from both  PJI  team  and AIG Indonesia volunteers


Co-Founder and Academic Advisor Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Robert Gardiner said, "PJI is very pleased to continue the collaboration with AIG Indonesia in the second year of partnership. We have been  promoting  entrepreneurial initiatives, building relevant competencies  to educate Indonesia's young generation that entrepreneurship can be one of their career  choice,  create and open employment opportunities for others by developing  a sustainable livelihood in the future.


Business professionals  from AIG Indonesia have been actively volunteering themselves, providing  positive vibes and impacts  through coaching and mentoring includes recommendations for business strategies which was developed by  these 72 students. Moreover, the involvement of volunteers also are meant to inspire the students  to have courage,    be more confident and   competitive too”


Having  concern and aspiration  to have a healthier environment, the students have identified and seized the opportunities and trends in society, the three schools form student companies select and promote  eco-friendly products,  they are :

1.    SMAN 35 Jakarta launch SPACE Student Company that produce ‘Plastage’, bio-plastic food wrap made from seaweed. A healthy food packaging for humans and easily biodegradable in the environment.

2.    SMKN 27 Jakarta launch ALTA Student Company that produce ‘Eco Leather Fashion Products’.  Ths Student Company designs, produces  and promotes  bag, footwear and accessories created form recycled cassava peel. This innovation is initiated to reduce the use of synthetic leather in fashion products.

3.    SMKN 38 Jakarta launch SMINKA Student Company  produces ‘Libbro’, lip tint made from beets. This cosmetic product can be used as a moisturizer and vitamin for the lips. It is free of chemicals and have natural color thus it is safe and suitable for students.


One of the students of SMKN 38 Jakarta, Shakila Saka expresses her enthusiasm and passion joining  the Student Company program. "I get a lot of   business insights during he mentoring and coaching,  which are all  very useful for me and my friends in running our student company.  Having this  product idea, we would like to make our consumers to  be more  aware  of the importance of protecting their own health,  and also the environment. This is a valuable opportunity and I feel so much motivated  to make difference for  a better future”as  she said after presenting the business plan at the Student Company Launching event.

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