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AIG Solutions Support Construction Industry in Indonesia

Date Published 04.29.2014
Topic Press Releases

AIG Solutions Support Construction Industry in Indonesia



Jakarta, April 29, 2014 - International Insurance leader AIG is prepared to capitalize on new construction opportunities in Indonesia triggered from further expansion in the largescale building sector. Thus, AIG Indonesia invited AIG’s international and regional construction experts to showcase the company’s full spectrum of construction industry products and services during Managing Risks in Cross-Border Construction in Jakarta. 

The Indonesian construction industry recorded healthy growth from 2009 to 2013, expanding by an average annual rate of 7% in real terms. And in 2014, the growth of construction and infrastructure industry keep showing a positive contribution.  

"The ongoing expansion of the Indonesia economy and growth in large-scale construction projects presents AIG with opportunities to expand its construction insurance portfolio in Indonesia, and offers Indonesia’s construction industry an opportunity to take advantage of AIG’s recently enhanced resources and capabilities in its construction and construction-industry product offerings," according to Brad Berg, Head of Energy and Engineered Risk, AIG Asia Pacific.

"The forum on Managing Risks in Cross-Border Construction exemplifies AIG’s commitment to highlighting the importance and value of an experienced team with deep industry knowledge and underwriting expertise to offer its construction clients solutions for their complex risk transfer needs. We are committed to providing innovative ways to deal with evolving risks in this sector.” 

The meeting highlighted how a well-designed insurance solution can address complex risks and challenges in 21st century construction projects.  

“We have operated in Indonesia for 44 years, we have tremendous depth of experience in construction, and other commercial endeavors, which help our clients manage, reduce, and avoid risks,” said AIG Indonesia Chief Operating Officer (COO), Jon-Paul Jones. 

AIG provides Infrastructure solutions backed by an experienced underwriting team and has 38 engineers focused on Asia Pacific and Indonesia. 

This technical engineering expertise enables AIG to have a better understanding of risks across several industries which include Energy, Property, and Marine.  

AIG is a recognized market leader in the infrastructure sector and has unrivalled capabilities to support owners’ and contractors’ insurance needs.

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