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AIG Indonesia Launches Simply Serving Indonesia

Date Published 12.05.2013
Topic Press Releases

AIG Indonesia Launches Simply Serving Indonesia


Jakarta, December 5, 2013 – Leading international insurance provider AIG today launched Simply Serving Indonesia, a new commitment to the Indonesian public aimed at revolutionizing general insurance and helping lift the country’s low insurance rate.As part of this campaign, PT AIG Insurance Indonesia (AIG Indonesia) will be promoting AIG Care, comprehensive accident and health protection, with entertainer Ferdy Hasan as the Brand Ambassador. 

Indonesians spend 1.7% of Gross Domestic Product on general insurance. This compares to 5.1% for Malaysia, 4.4% Thailand, 5.9% for Singapore and a global average of 6.6%.

“Our industry in Indonesia really needs to change how it offers insurance, and AIG is proud to be leading the way,” said Mike Blakeway, President Director of AIG Indonesia (PT AIG Insurance Indonesia).

“This low insurance level means that Indonesia’s people are dangerously underinsured,” Mr. Blakeway said. 

Research by AIG Indonesia shows that among middle and upper-middle class households, fewer than in one in five have any general insurance at all. The study shows that while this group are interested in buying insurance, they find it complex, inaccessible, overly expensive, hard to use and misleading.  

“With the growth of the middle-class, awareness about the need for insurance should follow, and the amount of insurance being purchased typically rises. However, our survey indicates that this hasn’t happened with the growth of the middle-class in Indonesia. People seem to feel that there is not enough information available on the products and types of coverage available,” explained Mr. Blakeway. “There also seems to be a barrier to people actually buying the insurance, and we feel that industries are not making the process simple enough. AIG Indonesia is looking to change that starting today.”  

“Established for more than 40 years in Indonesia, AIG Indonesia continually innovates to serve our customers, be it corporate or individual clients. It is our duty to provide information as clearly as possible, followed by easy-to-use, accessible services for our customers. This is what we refer to as Simply Serving Indonesia,” he added. 

The Simply Serving Indonesia approach prioritizes convenience and choice, clarity and simplicity. Customers will be able to learn about the AIG Care product on TV, in the press or over the internet. Those who want to know more can call AIG Indonesia’s highly trained agents who explain the cover simply and help customers select a plan that suits their needs and budget. Customers will be protected soon after they agree to purchase AIG Care. 

Easy and affordable, AIG Care is a comprehensive accident and health protection product from AIG Indonesia, with premiums starting as low as IDR 10,000 per day, an easy claim process and convenient payment methods through credit card, bank transfer, face-to-face payment and auto debit.  

This campaign also introduces Ferdy Hasan, a famous entertainer, as the Brand Ambassador for AIG Care. He was chosen as a public figure who understands the importance of having protection for himself and his family.  

“We hope with the introduction of this innovation, which offers simplicity and choices for our customers, the public’s desire to insure themselves will increase. We are proud to be the first ones to offer this kind of innovation,” says Philippe Danielski, AIG Indonesia Head of Consumer business. 

“One of my main concerns is that unexpected events may happen to me and my family. Medical costs are increasing each year. To that end, I fully support AIG Indonesia’s program that invites the Indonesian people to have protection so that they can reduce their worries” adds Ferdy Hasan.  

AIG Care offers a 20% discount for spouse which make insuring a couple or family more affordable. Coverage is immediate, and customers receive a simple and clear document explaining their benefits, plus unlimited access to a toll-free number (0800 1001 199) for servicing, inquiries and claims declarations. Those who prefer to buy face-to-face will have the option of seeing one of our 1,300 agents.  

In addition to AIG Care, AIG offers a full range of products including Health, Accident, Home, Auto, Travel and more. More information:


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