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AIG Indonesia Launches Flood Preparedness e-Learning Module

Date Published 03.06.2015
Topic Press Releases

AIG Indonesia Launches Flood Preparedness e-Learning Module

Press Release

Jakarta, March 6, 2015 – Disasters like flooding often come unexpectedly, so it is important to have a greater awareness and to anticipate the potential losses and risks if a flood occurs.

PT AIG Insurance Indonesia (“AIG Indonesia”), together with Greeneration Indonesia, has launched an e-learning module of Flood Preparedness for elementary school student students in grades 4 to 6.

“AIG is committed to help make the world a safer place. Together with our partners and the local communities, we want to contribute to society via our Giving Back to Communities program," says Jon-Paul Jones, President and CEO of AIG Indonesia.

The module is also equipped with a video animation that will raise awareness about the water cycle, flood prevention and even tips on flood preparedness. 

“Today we are launching the Flood Preparedness e-learning module that is also available on our website ( so people can easily download this module. We hope this module can help improve safety awareness and reduce the risk of injury when floods come,” Mr. Jones says.

AIG Indonesia launched its Flood Preparedness program, which is also known as AIG Flood Risk Reduction Education (FRRE), in 2010. The program has been very successful and more than 1,000 people have participated including employees, agents, elementary school students, teachers and the general community.


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